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With Thompson's Energy Expert, you will:
  • Save time with our in-depth coverage of FERC’s procedural rules and natural gas regulations — we compile information about how regulations, orders and court rulings impact you and your clients so that you don’t have to search for answers on your own.
  • Easily locate the answers to your procedural and natural gas policy questions with the advanced search tool
  • Stay ahead of the game with our news feed covering FERC’s latest procedural and natural gas rulings
  • Save time by linking directly to primary sources including FERC’s rules, orders and policy statements.
  • Contact the expert editor with questions, a special resource for subscribers

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We have utilized the FERC Practice and Procedure handbook for the past 29 years and switched to the digital version this past year. The digital version provides fast, easy access to needed FERC regulatory information. The search capabilities work well and the data is current. The digital platform is a great asset to our team. You guys have been and continue to be a valuable resource!

- Brad Burton, General Manager Federal Regulatory Affairs and FERC Compliance Officer, Questar Corporation Legal Department

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